Fluent Rosé

A spectacular way to enjoy an afternoon with friends or relax after a long day.

Available only to our Club members.

Through a special relationship we have with a grower in the Napa Valley, our Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon was produced using the skin contact method. As 2020 was a trying year for growers, we worked through a pandemic and a series of fires to produce a bright, fresh and savory wine. Fortunately, the initial growing season was perfect, and as one of the best requirements for making a Rosé is that you pick early, we picked before the smoke settled on the vines. The resulting harvest and processing of these grapes created a savory wine that glides through your palate. Aged in neutral French oak barrels, Fluent Rosé, is a spectacular way to enjoy an early afternoon with friends, as a welcome to your home or to wrap up and relax after a long day. We feel we have produced a wine that is a treat to your palate, and we are proud to pay homage to what is well known as the world’s oldest type of wine.

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