Our members are our most-valued brand ambassadors, and we take great care in providing excellent service and a unique experience. With two ways to access a relationship with Fluent Wine Company, we have the right choice for you.

The Allocation List

Participation on this list is confirms your official request to be offered wine. Our Allocation members will have two releases a year, one from our Glass Cat Sauvignon Blanc. While the Allocation List connects you with us, you remain in control. Each time we offer an allocation you will select what you would like to purchase and respond accordingly. Our allocation offers are first come first served and does not guarantee an allocation, so you may miss out if you wait too long!


The Club

“The Club” by Fluent Wine Company establishes a special relationship between you, our growers, our producers and ourselves. The Fluent Wine Company Club provides exclusive access to special projects throughout the year, privileged allocation schedules, guaranteed allocations and automatic shipping of your wine. You pick your allocation once, and we do the work for you!


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