Permission Pinot Noir

Soft, supple and silky, the best expression this grape has to offer.

Sourced from a famed producer on the Sonoma Coast, we feel this is one of the best expressions the grape has to offer. You will find that it is not necessarily fruit forward, but enough fruit to satisfy. The Pinot Noir is an incredible grape, which can be enjoyed drinking alone or paired with food. Pinot Noir is known for its soft, supple and silky texture, and this Pinot was made with the “old world” in mind focusing on acid percentages and not sugar profiles whereby allowing you to taste more of the vineyard and the terroir from which it was produced. As it is aged in new and neutral Oak and ready when you received, it should be noted that we enjoy drinking Pinot’s that have at least 5 years of age on them.

Fluent Wine Pinot Noir will be sold in three bottle packs and released in November 2021.

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